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Who is the leader of the suitors?

Antinous who was the son of Eupeithes was the leader of the suitors. Antinous helped instigate the plot to kill Telemachus as he returned from the mainland, and helped spur the fight between Odysseus and Irus, a notorious beggar. Full Answer

Why does Odysseus hate Antinous?

Antinous is wooing his wife Penelope. Also, Antinous is rude, obnoxious, and treats Odysseus poorly. When Odysseus is a beggar asking for food, Antinous not only gives him no food, but also throws a foot stool at him. Antinous also… Full Answer

When did Odysseus see Laertes?

Odysseus saw his father throughout his life, and before he left for Troy. After he came back, he saw his father shortly after killing all the suitors and cleaning up his home. Laertes joined Odysseus in battle against the suitors'… Full Answer

How did Antinous treat Odysseus?

Antinous treated Odysseus wrong by throwing a chair at him. Antinous continually verbally abuses Odysseus, and refuses to give him any of his food. Antinous abuses his privilege as a guest by dining on Odysseus' wines and livestock without proper… Full Answer

Why does Odysseus kill Antinous?

Antinous was wooing Odysseus' wife Penelope, and eating Odysseus' food, wine and livestock. Odysseus had also wished that Antinous would die before his wedding day, and Odysseus proved his own words. Further, Antinous had proved to be an ungracious man… Full Answer