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Is apache a web server?

Apache is The Apache Software Foundation which created the web server called The Apache HTTP Server Project this is usually shorted to just Apache though. The Apache web server is also known as HTTPD.

What are facts about Apache?

the apache Indians spoke a language known as athabaskan. the apache Indians were known for there fierce fighting the apache, numbering some 50,000 in 1990.

What were General Crook's tactics to end Apache raids?

Employ Apache scouts and soldiers to track and battle Apache renegages, which today we would call insurgents or terrorists. Apache soldiers and scout working for US Army new Apache style of fighting and way of the land and Apache hideouts.

What is an Apache museum?

An Apache museum is a museum dedicated to preserving the history, culture, and practices of the Apache tribes and people.

What does the Apache Axis2 do?

What is the Apache Axis2 and what does it do? The Apache Axis2 is a re-designed core engine that replaced the Apache Axis Soap. The updated version can help you design a web server.