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Where on your penis do you get pierced?

Anyplace that suits your fancy. Their are numerous different piercings that you can get on the penis. They are; ampallang, apadravya, haffada, scrotal, frenum, dydoe, Prince Albert, Reverse Prince Albert, and then you also have pubic surface area piercings, as… Full Answer

How does an Apadravya feel?

I have one for the last 15 years and it feels great, both for masturbating and with my woman. She actually prefers if I remove it before sex, which I do. I like the look and the feel. Don't hesitate… Full Answer

List of piercings boys can get?

Piercings that are exclusive to the male anatomy (exceptions noted by*): Prince Albert, Reverse Prince Albert, Hafada (scrotum), *Guiche, Frenum, Dydoe, Ampallang, Apadravya, Foreskin, *Pubic, *Nipple(s). The piercings denoted by the star * are applicable to both male and female… Full Answer

All piercings names?

Ear Lobe Ear Cartilage Industrial Piercing Eyebrow Lip Labret Vertical Labret Navel Nostril Septum Tongue Nipple Surface Piercing Clitoris Clitoral Hood (H / V) Labia (Maj. or Min.) Prince Albert Reverse Prince Albert Hafada (Scrotum) Guiche Frenum Dydoe Ampallange Apadravya… Full Answer

What are the kinds of piercings?

You can basically get pierced anywhere. Traditional body piercings are in/on various regions of the body.Ear piercings include: lobe, tragus, conch, daith, snug, rook, helix, industrial, anti-tragus, forward pinna and transverse lobe. <br><br>Facial piercings include: septum, standard nostril, high hostril… Full Answer

What are the different types of piercings?

This list was inspired by the entry linked below: oral:1) medussa2) monroe (crawford,Madonna)3) labret ( or vertical labret)4) supierior fraenum5) cheek6) filtrum7) snakebites8) horizontal lip piercing9) tongue piercing(tongue surface piercing)10) t-bar piercing11) tongue rim piercing12) horizontal tongue piercingsuface:!) ankle2)… Full Answer