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What animals make honey?

The honey you buy in the store is made by Honey Bees. There are 7 different types of honey bees including: Apis andreniformi, Apis florea, Apis dorsata, Apis cerana, Apis koschevnikovi, Apis mellifera, and Apis nigrocincta. Full Answer

Is honey made of living cells?

yes, honey is produced by a living organism called honey bee which belongs to the genus apis. the important bees which are seen in india are rockbee(apis dorsata),indian honey bee(apis indica) and apis mellifera. Full Answer

What is the scientific classification of bee?

There are several species of bees, all of which have been grouped under the monophyletic series Anthophila of superfamily Apoidae, of order Hymenoptera of class Insecta of Phylum Arthropoda. The most common genus of bee is the genus Apis (Latin… Full Answer