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Where is the Apollo theater?

The Apollo Theatre is in the West of London on Shaftesbury Avenue in Westminster. There is also a theatre called the Apollo Victoria Theatre which is the home of Wicked! the musical. That is located in Victoria on Wilton Road… Full Answer

Who is guy fisher?

Guy Fisher was a Harlem drug dealer who was apart of Nicky Barnes' "council". He was also the first black owner of the Apollo theatre.

What doris day at the Apollo mean?

Doris Day is a white singer and actress. the Apollo theatre is mostly for black people. where they show there talents. it would be ridiculous if doris day just popped in. this sentence in the song without love goes together… Full Answer

When was the Apollo 1s funeral?

Apollo was the Greco-Roman Sun God. Let us attempt to shed some light on the various uses of his name. The Apollo Theatre in New York has been the scene of a number of funerals, as have a number of… Full Answer

Is David tenant deceased?

Definitely not! He attended a Press Night at the Apollo Theatre in London last night (28th May 2010) for All My Sons, an Arthur Miller play.

Where are London concerts held?

London concerts are held at Wembley Stadium,02 Academy, Leicester Square Theatre, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Hammersmith Apollo and Wigmore Hall.