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What are the themes in a Death in Venice?

The most prevalent theme in Death in Venice is the Apollonian versus the Dionysian. Other themes, many of which are derived from this main theme, include order versus chaos, passionate versus ascetic, balance versus being completely Apollonian or completely Dionysian… Full Answer

What is Apollonian?

The adjective 'Apollonian' is derived from the ancient Greek god, Apollo. Referring to basic characteristics of that ancient god, 'Apollonian' can carry a wide variety of meanings, such as 'orderly,' 'just,' 'harmonious,' 'moderate,' and 'sunny,' among others. Full Answer

When was Saint Apollonian declared a saint?

There is no Saint Apollonian. However, there is a Saint Apollonia of Alexandria. She was a consecrated virgin and deaconess. During an anti-Christian uprising in Alexandria, Egypt, that was caused by a pagan prophecy, the mob seized Apollonia as a… Full Answer