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Is ActiveGS safe to download?

ActiveGS is an emulator for the Apple II gs, it lets you play old Apple II/II+/IIe/IIgs games on your browser. It is safe as far as I know (I do use it myself) and likely too obscure for someone to… Full Answer

What was the first apple?

The first computer made by Apple was the Apple I this was followed by the Apple II and then the Apple III. The first apple tree was grown in the Nile river valley. Full Answer

Do apple pips grow?

no an apple pip does not grow the apple pip grows into an apple but the pip still stays inside the apple Yes, an apple pip is a seed and the flesh of the apple is just a protective covering… Full Answer

What is a howrse silver apple?

There is no such thing as a silver apple. There is a golden apple and used to be a diamond apple but there is no silver apple. Answer 2: A silver apple is when they used to have a golden… Full Answer

Is an apple an apple?

Though there are many varieties, an apple from a tree will always be an apple.However, an Apple computer can never be an apple from a tree. And while you can cut and divide up an apple (from a tree) and… Full Answer

In what kind of foods might you find apple?

You can find apple in such foods as: apple sauce apple pudding apple dumplings apple pie apple tart apple crumble apple cobbler apple strudel apple muffins apple danish pastry baked pork and apple apple- stuffed chicken breast Full Answer