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What apricot variety has edible seed?

Sweetheart apricot has edible seed. You can order a tree from Stark Bros. I have no experience with the company though. Other varieties that have edible pit: --Montgamet --Chinese (Mormon) --Robada --Hunza Full Answer

Do Apricot kernels eat cancer cells?

Yes it has been observed that apricot seeds powder taken with honey can reduce the number of cancer cells in tumor. How it is exactly achieved needs to be investigated further. It is perhaps vitamin B17 present in large amount… Full Answer

Are almonds and hazelnuts the same?

Not at all! The seed of the almond (prunis dulcis) is really not a nut but the seed of the fruit which is a "drupe", The tree is a close relative of the apricot (there are trees that give both… Full Answer