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Why was Ali ibn Abi Talib assassinated?

Ali ibn Abi Talib was assassinated by a Kharijite Extremist who believed that by attempting to make a peace treaty with Mu'awiya of the Bani Omeya, Ali had demonstrated that he was no longer pure enough to lead an Islamic… Full Answer

Age of Ali lbn Abi Talib?

Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS) was 63 years old after being mortally wounded by a Kharijite while he was praying in the mosque at Kufa. He died 2 days later on the 21st of the month of Ramadan, 40… Full Answer

Who is Abu Mohammad?

Among the people called Abu Muhammad is al-Hasan ibn `Ali ibn Abi Talib. He was a grandson of Prophet Muhammad and is considered the second imam by Shia Muslims.

Who are heroes of Islam?

there are so many of them, actually uncountable , The Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon him) Abu bakr Omar ibn al-Khattab Uthman ibn Affan Ali ibn Abi Talib Abdul Aziz bin Omar ... Khaled Bin Al Waleed ,,, Jabir ibn… Full Answer