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What has the author Carol Bardenstein written?

Carol Bardenstein has written: 'Translation and transformation in modern Arabic literature' -- subject(s): History and criticism, French literature, Translators, French language, Translations into Arabic, Arabic literature, Translating into Arabic 'Translation and transformation in modern Arabic literature: the indigenous assertions of… Full Answer

What has the author Ikenna Dieke written?

Ikenna Dieke has written: 'Critical Essays on Alice Walker' 'The primordial image' -- subject(s): African American authors, African Americans, African Americans in literature, African literature, American literature, Blacks in literature, Caribbean literature, History and criticism, Intellectual life, Symbolism in literature Full Answer

What has the author O R Dathorne written?

O. R. Dathorne has written: 'The Black mind' -- subject(s): African literature, History and criticism 'Africa in prose' -- subject(s): African prose literature, Translations into English, English prose literature, Literary collections, Translations from African, Sources, Civilization, Translations from African literature… Full Answer