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When was Oscar Romero appointed bishop?

Well, he was archbishop for three years and died while still in office in 1980, therefore, Oscar Romero was appointed archbishop in 1977, but he was an auxiliary bishop of San Salvador since 1970 and was appointed bishop of Santiago… Full Answer

What was Oscar Romero famous for?

Oscar Romero was an Archbishop of the Catholic Church who was killed as he was saying Mass in San Salvador, El Salvador. This occurred on March 24, 1980 because he criticized the Revolutionary Government Junta. Full Answer

What did Archbishop Oscar Romeo die for?

Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador was shot during Mass because he preached nonviolence and the end to government cruelty and torturing of citizens. He preached against the government and therefore was shot for it. Full Answer

What was Oscar Romero's main aim?

When Oscar Romero was elevated to Archbishop, his country of El Salvador was in the midst of a civil war between the wealthy, priviledged upper class and the poor who made up the majority of the population. Archbishop Romero tried… Full Answer

Why was Oscar Romero killed?

Archbishop Romero frequently spoke out against the cruelty and oppression of the government of El Salvador. This angered the government at its supporters. A member of the extreme right-wing death squad shot him while he was saying Mass. Full Answer

What did Oscar romero get shot for?

Archbishop Romero was assassinated "one day after a sermon in which he had called on Salvadoran soldiers, as Christians, to obey God's higher order and to stop carrying out the government's repression and violations of basic human rights." [Wikipedia] Full Answer

Why was Archbishop Oscar Romero martyred?

Oscar Romero was from the country of El Salvador which consisted of about 99 percent poor people rule by a rich and elete upper class that was very right wing. Romero was very outspoken against the government's oppression and persecution… Full Answer

Why was Oscar Romero murdered?

The government of El Salvador was extremely oppressive to the poor of the country who made up 99 percent of the population. Archbishop Romero publicly spoke out against the government and became a target of extreme right-wing death squads. Full Answer