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What has the author Hiroshi Sugimoto written?

Hiroshi Sugimoto has written: 'Hiroshi Sugimoto' -- subject(s): Architectural photography, Artistic Photography, Exhibitions, Museum exhibits, Photography, Artistic, Pictorial works 'Architecture of time' -- subject(s): Photography, Architecture 'Theaters' -- subject(s): Architectural photography, Artistic Photography, Photographs, Photography, Artistic, Pictorial works, Theaters 'Sugimoto'… Full Answer

What has the author Andreas Gursky written?

Andreas Gursky has written: 'Andreas Gursky' -- subject(s): Aerial photography, Architectural photography, Architecture in art, Artistic Photography, Exhibitions, Landscape photography, Photography of interiors 'Fotografien 1994-1998' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, Exhibitions 'Photographs 1994-1997'

Careers in photography?

Careers in photography (in Australia, but perhaps many other countries) include: police forensic photography wedding and/or portrait photography (famous wedding photographers include Marcus Bell, Jerry Ghionis, Parker J Pfister, and Joe Buissink) commercial industrial photography commercial architectural photography (famous Australian… Full Answer

What are the types of photography?

It all depends what is the criteria according to which you want to categorize them. Here some possibilities: Abstract photography Adventure photography Advertising photography Aerial photography Architectural photography Astronomical photography Baby photography Black and White photography Cityscape photography Close-Up photography… Full Answer

What has the author Geoffrey James written?

Geoffrey James has written: 'Geoffrey James' -- subject(s): Pictorial works, Landscape photography 'Angel magic' -- subject(s): Magic, Angels, Miscellanea 'Morbid symptoms' -- subject(s): Architectural photography, Artistic Photography, History, Photography of gardens, Photography, Artistic, Pictorial works 'Genius loci' -- subject(s): Exhibitions… Full Answer

What has the author Piero Becchetti written?

Piero Becchetti has written: 'Fotografi e fotografia in Italia, 1839-1880' -- subject(s): Photography, History 'Roma nelle fotografie dei Fratelli D'Alessandri, 1858-1930' -- subject(s): Fratelli D'Alessandri (Firm), History, Italians, Photograph collections, Photography, Pictorial works, Portrait photography, Portraits 'Giacomo Caneva e la… Full Answer

What is photographer?

A photographer is a person who takes photos in professional ways. They can take a variety of photos of like aerial, architectural, candid, fashion, food photography, wedding and many more. Last week I met one of the famous photographer agency… Full Answer

What has the author Jussi Tiainen written?

Jussi Tiainen has written: 'Wood architecture in Finland' -- subject(s): Aiheet, Architecture, Arkkitehtuuri, Asuinrakennukset, Building, Wooden, Julkiset rakennukset, Kuvateokset, Liikerakennukset, Puu, Puurakennukset, Puurakentaminen, Valokuvataide, Wooden Building 'Finnish architecture 1994-1999' -- subject(s): Architecture, Pictorial works, Architectural photography 'Helsinki' -- subject(s): Exhibitions… Full Answer

What kind of photography is there?

Portrait photography wedding photography fashion photography nature photography high speed photography landscape photography macro photography street photography travel photography long exposure photography freeze frame photography pinhole photography, to name a few

What has the author Helmut Gernsheim written?

Helmut Gernsheim has written: 'Beautiful London' -- subject(s): Pictorial works 'Incunabula of British photographic literature' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Photography 'L. J. M. Daguerre (1787-1851), the world's first photographer' 'The rise of photography, 1850-1880' -- subject(s): Collodion process, History, Photography 'Focus… Full Answer

What has the author Nobuyoshi Araki written?

Nobuyoshi Araki has written: 'Nobuyoshi Araki, 26.9.-6.11.1997' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, Exhibitions, Photography of women, Photography, Artistic, Pictorial works, Tokyo 'Araki by Araki' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, Erotic Photography, Photography, Artistic, Photography, Erotic 'Araki' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, Erotic Photography… Full Answer