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What is a Copoeira troupe?

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial arets/dance that is very graceful, defensive, fun, and it will get you in shape fast! Trust me, I do it. I just got my first Chord/belt the other day!!!! It's a little weird at first… Full Answer

What has the author Berl Katznelson written?

Berl Katznelson has written: 'Reaction v progress in Palestine' -- subject(s): Palestinian Arabs, Labor and laboring classes, Zionism 'Darki la-Arets' -- subject(s): Zionists, Correspondence, Biography 'Igrot B. Katsenelson' -- subject(s): Zionists, Correspondence, reminiscences 'Amarot' -- subject(s): Quotations, maxims, Social sciences… Full Answer

Who is Alberto Alessi?

Alberto Alessi took over management of Alessi, which designs everyday objects out of plastic and stainless steel. I hope this helped more than the last person. The last person wrote that he 'invented' the products, he didn't he just designed… Full Answer