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What became of art pepper's daughter?

Patricia Ellen Pepper is the estranged daughter of jazz musician Art Pepper. It is assumed that after her mother and father's divorce, Patricia moved with her mother, whom later remarried. There is no other additional information found after their divorce… Full Answer

10 hottest peppers?

1.Muajjruvian pepper 2.Ghost pepper3.Bell pepper4.Dinx pepper5.Nile pepper6.Kia pepper7.mulia pepper8.America pepper9.Loyal pepper10.High pepper Full Answer

Is pepper a fungi?

If you mean the kind of pepper that comes in a pepper shaker, then no, it is not a fungus. Pepper comes from the dried berries of a pepper plant. The pepper plant is a sort of vine. The dried… Full Answer

What types of drpepper is there?

Dr. PepperCaffeine Free Dr. PepperDiet Dr. PepperCaffeine Free Diet Dr. PepperCherry Dr. PepperDiet Cherry Dr. PepperCaffeine Free Cherry Dr. PepperCaffeine Free Diet Cherry Dr. PepperCherry Vanilla Dr. PepperDiet Cherry Vanilla Dr. PepperCaffeine Free Cherry Vanilla Dr. PepperCaffeine Free Diet Cherry… Full Answer