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Asafetida what is it good for?

Asafetida is used by Witches, Ritual Magicians, and Ceremonial Magicians as a major ingredient in Banishing and Warding Incenses. It smells so vile, it likely works! It is also known as Devil's Dung. Additionally, when it is cooked, it no… Full Answer

What is asifidity?

It is a folk medicine tradition putting the resin of an Asafetida plant in a small bag to be worn round the neck to ward of diseases. Could also be herbs or any local substance that tradition thought suitable. The… Full Answer

What are aphrodisiac foods?

Aniseed Asparagus Almond Arugula Asafetida Avocado Bananas Basil (sweet basil) Broccoli Rabe (And Other Mustard Greens) Chocolate Carrots Coffee Coriander (Cilantro seed) Fennel Figs Garlic Ginger Honey Liquorice (licorice) Mustard Nutmeg Oysters Pine Nuts Pineapple Raspberries and Strawberries Truffles Vanilla… Full Answer