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What is Asafoetida useful for?

Asafoetida is a plant with a very bitter taste and a bad smell. This plant is used in medicines for breathing problems such as bronchitis and asthma as well as whooping cough, stomach upset, intestinal gas, nerve disorders and convulsions. Full Answer

Where do you find Asafoetida?

I just did a Google search for Asafoetida and clicked the "shopping" link and came up with literally hundreds (752, to be precise) results. If you don't want to buy it online, you might try an ethnic food store specializing… Full Answer

What smells like garlic aside from garlic?

Asafoetida (asafetida) Ferula assafoetidaFam: Umbelliferae Asafoetida gets its name from the Persian aza, for mastic or resin, and the Latin foetidus, for stinking. It is a gum that is from the sap of the roots and stem of the ferula… Full Answer