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What does a life of asceticism involve?

A life of asceticism involves the pursuing of religious and spiritual goals. Various religious traditions such as Buddism, Jainism that have practices involving restraint with respect to actions of body, speech, and mind in order to control sensual desires and… Full Answer

What is asceticism in jainism?

asceticism is the self-denial. Jains believe in an ascetic life of denying physical pleasure, putting your body through rigorous exercise and meditation. Jains also vow non-injury of life and take great strides not to even crush an insect as they… Full Answer

Are there Jewish nuns?

No, there is no Jewish equivalent to nuns. The concept of vowing a life of chastity and asceticism directly violates the teachings of Judaism and the Tanach (Jewish Bible). According to the Tanach and Judaism, a person is incomplete if… Full Answer