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What is an atavism?

An atavism is a genetic characteristic which emerges after being missing for several generations, or the return of a past behaviour or method after a long period of absence. Full Answer

What does the term atavistic mean?

Atavistic pertains to the word atavism. This word means something or someone shows the characteristics or traits of a more primitive ancestor. This can happen genetically or socially by reverting back to ways of thinking from a previous time. Full Answer

What is the emo lingo?

heres a few emo slangs awesome=suicidal exelent=fexelent emos also tend to use unique, complicated words such as: astronomically anodyne atavism ambivalence avoirdupois bĂȘte noire cognoscente capricious demagogue desiderata eclectic eleemosynary ephemeral felicitous gnostic harbinger Full Answer