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What has the author Ainslie Roberts written?

Ainslie Roberts has written: 'The first sunrise: Australian aboriginal myths in paintings' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian Mythology, Mythology, Aboriginal Australian, in art 'The dawn of time' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian Mythology, Art and mythology, Australian (Aboriginal), Mythology, Aboriginal Australian, in… Full Answer

What has the author Anita Heiss written?

Anita Heiss has written: 'To talk straight' -- subject(s): Intellectual life, Aboriginal Australian literature, Aboriginal Australian authors, Publishers and publishing, History and criticism, Australian literature, Aboriginal Australians, Aboriginal Australians in literature, Publishing 'Our dream-- stopping the violence' -- subject(s): Aboriginal… Full Answer

What is the Australia sign language called?

Auslan is the modern, national sign language of the deaf community in Australia. Auslan is also called Australian Sign Language. There are also numerous aboriginal sign languages. These languages were not all used for deaf communication. Many were used ritually… Full Answer

What has the author Vivien Johnson written?

Vivien Johnson has written: 'Aboriginal Artists of the Western Desert' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian Painting, Biography, Dictionaries, Painters, Painting, Aboriginal Australian 'The art of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Catalogs 'Michael Jagamara Nelson' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian… Full Answer