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Who is Eddie Mabo?

Eddie Mabo is an Australian aborigine that fought for aborigine rights. Eddie spoke at a conference in 1981at James Cook University about the land rights of aborigines. The decision was reached after his death, over ten years of debate. Full Answer

What does aberigionie mean?

That's not a word. I'm guessing that you mean 'aborigine'? Aborigine are people who were the earliest known inhabitants of a particular area. Think of the people Columbus discovered in America. Native Americans are natives or aborigine. I've also heard… Full Answer

Do they have aborigines in new Zealand?

The dictionary definition of aborigine is 'of the original peoples inhabiting a land before the arrival of colonists'. Commonly Aborigine is taken as shorthand for Australian Aborigine; but it is equally proper to discuss the Taiwanese aborigines - for example… Full Answer