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What is Autism awareness?

Autism awareness is simply making people aware of autism and Autistic people. Unfortunately organizations such as Autism Speaks uses autism awareness to speak negatively about autism and Autistic people to increase their profits, thus there remains a lot of ignorance… Full Answer

When is pica most likely to occur?

Although pica can occur in individuals of any background, a higher incidence of pica is associated with: pregnancy, developmental delay, psychiatric disease and autism, poor nutrition, certain cultural or religious traditions, early childhood Full Answer

Is autism only in children?

No, Autism is not only in children.Autism is a neurological difference, a person is born Autistic just like a person is born neurotypical. An Autistic person will always be Autistic and thus become an Autistic adult. Autistic people often improve… Full Answer

How can you Cure Autism?

There is no cure for autism, and hopefully there never will be.Autism is a neurological difference, a variation in human beings just like race. The only way to 'cure' autism would be to eradicate Autistic people, like suggesting to eradicate… Full Answer

What are signs of moderate autism?

There is no such thing as 'moderate autism'. A person is either autistic or they are not, how they are affected can vary but they cannot have 'moderate autism' as this is just not how autism works. Full Answer

How is autism different to asbergers?

Asperger is different from autism because people with Aspergers are less restricted with behavioral interactions than those with autism. Asperger's is a form of autism, but it is high-functioning and Aspergers is not as severe as actual autism is (Take… Full Answer

How many strains of autism are there?

Autism isn't a disease or a virus, thus there are no strains of autism. Autism is just autism, it was previously split up into Autism Spectrum Disorder (Classic Autism), Asperger Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), childhood disintegrative… Full Answer

When is autism awareness?

Autism Awareness day is April 2nd and Autism Awareness Month is April.Be aware that many Autistic people dislike Autism Awareness because the issue is no longer a lack of awareness but a lack of acceptance, also because Autism Awareness campaigns… Full Answer

Why is Autism located in the brain?

Autism isn't located in the brain, autism is a type of brain. Autism is a neurological variation, we don't say that autism is in the brain in the same way that we don't say that African-American is in the skin. Full Answer

Can autism be inherited?

While all direct causes for autism are not completely known, there are some studies that indicate that parent with particular autism or autism-like symptomology can contibute to the likelihood that autism will surface in their children, thus establish a possible… Full Answer