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What is cell autolysis?

Cell autolysis is a programmed cell death which happens when a defect is found in a cell such as an infection or when the cell becomes cancerous. When these defects occur, the cell bursts all their lysosomes(which contains digestive enzymes)… Full Answer

What do you mean by autolysis?

From my knowledge: (Gk.) Auto= self-propelled (Gk.) Lysis= to separate Therefore, autolysis simply means self-digestion. Basically, it is when a cell "self-destructs" itself through action of its own enzymes. Hope that helps. Tried to make it as simple as possible. Full Answer

What is the physical process when you die?

If you are referring to the general term for the chemical and physical processes that take place on the cells and tissues of the human body immediately after death, then you are referring to decomposition. In the initial stages of… Full Answer

Why can't a lysosome kill itself?

The inner membrane is coated with extensive glycocalyx. The integral and peripheral membrane proteins on the inner surface are highly N-glycosylated glycoproteins containing poly-lactosamine which prevents access by the digestive enzymes, therefore protecting the lysosome from digesting itself. There is… Full Answer