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How many Grammys has Shakira won?

She has won 2 Grammys and 8 Latin Grammy awards. The 2 Grammys awards were : - In 2001, The Best Pop Rock Album for the album "MTV Unplugged" - In 2006, The Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album for the album… Full Answer

How many albums has linkin park made?

Linkin Park has produced Eight albums... 1. Reanimation- was their first album, produced on, October 24th 2000. 2. Meteora- was their second album, produced on, March 25th 2003. 3. Minutes to midnight- was their third album, produced on, May 15th… Full Answer

How many albums has Nickelback produced?

They have released 6 official albums 1. Curb- was Nickelback's first album, produced on May 1st 1996. 2. The State- Was their second album, pruced on March 7th 2000. 3. Silver side up- was their third album, produced on September… Full Answer