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How many calories in baked things?

That depends on what the baked things are. For example, do mean the calories in baked bread, baked ham, baked fish, baked chicken, baked potato, baked courgettes, etc. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more details… Full Answer

What is a baked bean?

A baked bean is actually a stewed haricot or navy bean that is stewed in tomato sauce most commonly. This recipe originated in Maine and was possibly first made by the Penobscot native peoples. Today they are commonly sold in… Full Answer

What is the name of a baked egg?

i believed it's fried egg. a fried egg is a baked or fried in a pan egg. hope this answer helped! $) Another name for a baked egg is a shirred egg. Baked eggs are baked in an oven not… Full Answer

What is baked in the present tense?

I bake. To bake. Additional information: When the word is used as an adjective, describing a type of food, it is always in the past tense: Baked chicken, baked macaroni, baked apples. The word is in the past tense because… Full Answer