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Was Sarajevo once part of Yugoslavia?

Yes. After WWI, Bosnia and some other Balkan countries became apart of Yugoslavia. It wasn't until 1992 when it became independent. Became independent in the time of the Balkan wars. Sarajevo is in Bosnia btw.

Why did Bulgaria go to war?

which war? world war I or II? or Balkan wars? Last wars of Bulgaria was to recovery its lost territory. Please ask the question specifically, so that you would have a correct answer

How many wars did the Romanians fight in?

Afghan War 1st Balkan War 2nd Balkan War Hungarian-Romanian War Iraq War Romanian War of Independence Russian Civil War Russo-Turkish War War of Transnistria World War I World War II

What is Balkan nationalism?

Balkan nationalism refers to the desire of the various ethnic groups living on the Balkan Peninsula to have countries of their own. Balkan nationalism led to World War 1.

Is Romania a Balkan state?

Geographically Romania is not a Balkan country - Balkan mountains are on the South of Danube and Romania is at the north. But as history, religion, cuisine, folklore and culture Romania is very near to Balkan region.

What was not achieved by World War 2?

Although it brought an end to colonial empires, and led to the United Nations, it did not bring worldwide accord or peace, because it was following by the Cold War, and by numerous regional conflicts between rival factions (Korea, Vietnam… Full Answer