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What is the oldest city?

There is a bit of a controversy over which city is the oldest. Some of the debate centers around the criteria used in judging which is the oldest, such as whether or not it has been continuously inhabited over the… Full Answer

What did Omar Khayyam do in his childhood?

Omar Khayyam spent part of his childhood in the town of Balkh (present northern Afghanistan) studying under the well-known scholar. Sheik Muhhammd Mansuri. He also studied under Imam Mowaffaq Nishapuri one of the greatest teachers of the Khorassan region. Full Answer

How did Afghanistan come to existence?

I only know that in 328 BC, Alexander the Great entered the territory of present-day Afghanistan, then part of the Persian Empire, and established a Hellenistic state in Bactria (present-day Balkh). Invasions by the Scythians, White Huns, and Turks followed… Full Answer

Who is molana tariq jameelfrom Pakistan?

Molana was born in Balkh (then a city of Greater Khorasan in Persia, now part of Afghanistan), on September 30, 1207. His first name literally means Majesty of Religion, Jalal means majesty and din means religion. Because of the threat… Full Answer

What dogs are in the greyhound family?

There are many sighthound breeds other than the Greyhound, including: Mudhol Hound Saluki Afghan Hound Whippet Galgo/Spanish Greyhound Tazi Taigan Dog Sloughi Silken Windhound Borzoi Rampur Hound Poligar Hound Irish Wolfhound Scottish Deerhound Cirneco dell'Etna Lurcher (cross-breed) Brazilian Greyhound Balkh… Full Answer

How Many States In Afghnistan?

List of principle administrative subdivisions for Afghanistan(provinces) Badakhshan Badghis Baghlan Balkh Bamian Farah Faryab Ghazni Ghowr Helmand Herat Jowzjan Kabul Kandahar Kapisa Konarha Kondoz Laghman Lowgar Nangarhar Nimruz Paktia Paktika Parwan Samangan Sar-e Pol Takhar Uruzgan Wardak Zabul Full Answer

Collect information about the silk route also find out the development which are improving communication routes in the regions of high altitude?

The Silk Road (from German: Seidenstraße) or Silk Route is a modern term referring to a historical network of interlinking trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass that connected East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world, as… Full Answer

Which are the countries king vikramaditya ruled?

starting from India(Hindusthan), he extended his Kingdom towards arabia(arvasthan or arabsthan), after conquering Afghanistan, Baluchisthan, Hedjah, ....West asia, For your reference...please read... Another question which should have presented itself to historians for consideration is how could it be that Indian… Full Answer

Who are uygur Turks?

Uyghur people Uyghur ئۇيغۇر Total population42.6 millionRegions with significant populationsEast Turkistan (Uyghurstan or Xinjiang)- 29.6 million Kazakhstan -3.8 million Kyrgyzstan 480,000 Uzbekistan - 8.6 million Turkey- 84,000 Turkmenistan-12,000 Russia- 4,000 Tajikistan- 18,00 Pakistan- 35,000 Iran- 6,000 Saudi Arabia -20,000 Other… Full Answer

Who are the Muslim Uighurs?

Uyghur peopleUyghur ئۇيغۇر Young Uyghur woman near Khotan, c. 2005Young Uyghur woman at the ruins of Melikawat near Khotan, c. 2005.Total population42.6 millionRegions with significant populations East Turkistan (Uyghurstan or Xinjiang) Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Turkey Turkmenistan Russia Tajikistan PakistanLanguagesUyghurReligionIslam (mainly… Full Answer