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How many types of Pokeballs are there?

26 pokeballs: pokeball, great ball, ultraball, masterball, safariball, level ball, lure ball, moon ball, friend ball, love ball, heavy ball, fast ball, sport ball, premier ball, repeat ball, timer ball, nest ball, net ball, dive ball, luxury ball, heal ball… Full Answer

What are the names of the 25 pokeballs?

Poke ball Dive Ball Great Ball Fast Ball Dusk Ball Quick Ball Sport Ball Premier Ball Luxury Ball Level Ball Love Ball Lure Ball Cherish Ball Repeat Ball Ultra Ball Friend Ball Park Ball Net Ball Gs Ball Heal Ball… Full Answer

What are the names of the pokeballs?

pokeball (the red one) great ball ultra ball master ball heal ball net ball nest ball dusk ball lure ball heavy ball friend ball safari ball premier ball luxury ball park ball dive ball love ball (I think) and few… Full Answer

How many pokeballs are there?

OFFICIAL POKEBALLS 1- pokeball 2- great ball 3- ultra ball 4- safari ball 5- dive ball 6- dream ball 7- love ball 8- heavy ball 9- park ball 10- friend ball 11- master ball 12- repeat ball 13- luxury ball… Full Answer