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What is a piratic quaff?

Generally speaking piratic, means a person of poor character often times a thief or outlaw, and quaff in it's barest sense mean to consume alcohol. With that knowledge an educated guess would be stolen alcohol, or possibly a term for… Full Answer

Is eBay free to sell your items?

There are fees involved, always. Listing the auction does not necessarily cost anything. If you use the barest minimum of options, you can list the auction for free. However, when the auction is won, you will owe eBay a percentage… Full Answer

What is the atmosphere of Earth made of?

The earth's atmosphere is composed as follows: nitrogen: 78% oxygen: 21% argon: 0.9% trace gases make up the remaining less than 0.1% - these include carbon dioxide, neon, helium, methane, krypton, and hydrogen, and the barest amounts of many others Full Answer

How do you decorate with warm colors?

You could consider hanging up some colorful art on your walls. Walls are typically the largest, barest element in your room. One way to add warmth to them is with warm accents. You could try Little Art Engine (littleartengine dot… Full Answer

What is melodic improvisation?

It means basically making up music as you play , often in a short part of an existing song, like a guitar solo. Jazz musicials often play whole songs this was with only the barest framework of how the song… Full Answer