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Who is hasman?

You probably mean Haussmann. Baron Haussmann was Prefect of the Seine. The Seine is not, in this case, the river, but the French Département (County) named after it, and in fact coterminous with the city of Paris. The Prefect (Préfet)… Full Answer

What or who is haussmann from Paris?

Baron Haussmann was Préfet (administrative boss) of the Seine Département (Paris) during the Second Empire (1852-1870) and was responsible for considerable rebuilding. He cut broad avenues through the city, making communications easier, developed parks from quarries and waste ground, and… Full Answer

What did Napoleon III do?

Napoleon III, nephew and heir of Napoleon I, effected stringent censorship and other measures to silence his critics. He later relaxed these measures. He reconstructed Paris, under the authority of Baron Haussmann. He also modernized the French banking system. Full Answer