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Where do labrador dogs come from?

Labrador came from the Scandinavian countries originally. They were bread as fishing dogs, that's why they have webbed toes. They are the only dogs I believe to have webbed toes, and it makes it easier to swim. If you have… Full Answer

What does a labrador eat?

Labradors will eat almost anything. Dog food, both canned and dry, scraps, mice, dead birds and I hate to say it buy they will eat cat poo too. Labradors are not fussy with food, they love it and food loves… Full Answer

Who was Count Bassy?

William "Count' Basie was a jazz music percussionist who started playing drums and piano (percussion instruments) in the 1920s, working himself up from playing for vaudeville to playing for small ragtime and jazz bands. By World War II, Basie had… Full Answer