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What was Uruk?

Uruk (known by the modern name Warka, and identified as the Erech of the old testament) was one of the most important cities of Lower Mesopotamia and reached its height at around 2900BC. Full Answer

What is an example of theocratic socialism?

Theocratic socialism is a an economic system where the fundemental authoritative figures are the Gods. This system was used during the ancient mesopotamian period in the ancient cities of Uruk (or Warka) and to some extent duing the neo mesopotamian… Full Answer

A battle in the American Civil War?

Battle of Fort Sumter Battle of Bull Run Battle of Williamsburg Second Battle of Bull Run Battle of Harper's Ferry Battle of Antietam Battle of Shiloh Battle of Fredericksburg Battle of Chancelorsville Battle of Gettysburg Battle of the Bloody Angle… Full Answer