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What are Ireland's peninsulas?

Some of the best-known peninsulas in Ireland are in County Kerry; the Dingle peninsula, the Iveragh peninsula and the Beara peninsula. The Ards peninsula is one of the larger peninsulas outside Kerry.And the Inishowen peninsula located in County Donegal. Full Answer

10 peninsulas in Europe?

Europe is a large continent, there are several Peninsulas that belong to its territory, among them: The Iberian Peninsula, the Balkans Peninsula, the Italian Peninsula, the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Courland Peninsula, the Crimea Peninsula, the Jutland Peninsula, the Gibraltar Peninsula… Full Answer

What peninsulas are in Australia?

Cape York Peninsula Eyre Peninsula Yorke Peninsula Fleurieu Peninsula Mornington Peninsula Bellarine Peninsula Freycinet Peninsula Forestier Peninsula Cobourg Peninsula Gove Peninsula Cox Peninsula Dampier Peninsula Burrup Peninsula Tasman Peninsula Inskip Peninsula Younghusband Peninsula Beecroft Peninsula Kurnell Peninsula Redcliffe Peninsula Wilsons… Full Answer

What is South America's Peninsula?

Mitre Peninsula Valdes Peninsula Brunswick Peninsula Exmouth Peninsula Muñoz Gamero Peninsula Taitao Peninsula Tres Montes Peninsula Cape Meredith Lafonia Guajira Peninsula Paraguaná Peninsula Paria Peninsula Illescas Peninsula Paracas Peninsula Full Answer