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What is benefit?

Here are some definitions for 'benefit': Benefit: Financial assistance in time of need Benefit: Something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage. Benefit: something that promotes well-being Benefit: an act of kindness

When does marginal benefit occur?

Marginal benefit 'occurs' for any benefit (price) function, since a marginal term is simply the first-order derivative of its parent function. Marginal benefit is strictly greater than zero only when a benefit function is always increasing in total benefit over… Full Answer

How do you put on a benefit?

Put on a benefit activity by first identifying the cause you want to benefit. A benefit singing may be the easiest benefit to operate. Invite a group to sing at a location with plenty of seating. Advertise well and ask… Full Answer

What is the verb of benefit?

Benefit is both a verb and a noun. "I will claim my benefit today" is in noun form. "This will benefit you" is in verb form. Benefits, benefiting and benefited are other verbs depending on the tense.