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When did Catholic nuns first wear habits?

St. Benedict and his twin sister, Scholastica, started the first Benedictine Order in the late sixth century. They are the first "nuns" that I know of for sure. I'm certain that there were religious women living in community before then… Full Answer

What are different congregation of priest?

Roman Catholic Answer There are two difference definitions of the word, "congregation" when speaking of priests: 1) It can refer to Institutes of Christian perfection whose members take Simple Vows, as distinguished from religious orders in which solemn vows are… Full Answer

What do Benedictine Monks do?

They just gave up their belongings, lived simply, and spent their time in work and prayer. . Catholic Answer: There are several different congregations of Benedictine monasteries, each with their own charisma. For instance the Solemnes Congregation which has monastery… Full Answer

What is title name for important Catholic Church?

The name given to important Churches is Basilica. There are Greater or Patriarchal basilicas at Rome: St. John Lateran, the Archbasilica for the patriarch of the West (the Pope), St. Peter's, for the patriarch of Constantinople, St. Paul's-outside-the-Walls, for the… Full Answer