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What is BGA?

A Ball Grid Array is a form of surface mount technology or SMT package that is being used increasingly for integrated circuits. BGA offers many advantages and as a result, it is being used increasingly in the manufacture of electronic… Full Answer

What organisms that reproduce by binary fission?

Prokayotes reproduce themselves by means of binary fission. It can be said that the members of monera mainly divide by binary fission. For example: Bacteria, Cyanobacteria (BGA), or Mycoplasma. Some unicellular eukaryotes like Paramecium, Euglina (protozoan), Diatoms (golden algae) and… Full Answer

How does a reballing of a BGA work?

Reballing a ball grid array circuitboard is a delicate operation. Typically, a hot air gun is used to melt the existing solder and the individual components are carefully removed. Any damaged or defective components are repaired or replaced and the… Full Answer