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What are some different kinds of bicycles?

There is a regular bicycle, a recumbent bicycle, an all mountain bicycle, a downhill racing bicycle, a dirt jumping bicycle, a street bicycle, a BMX bicycle, a trials bicycle, a racing/road bicycle, a hybrid bicycle, a cyclocross bicycle, a hand-powered… Full Answer

What are bavarian shorts called?

Bavarian shorts can also be called lederhosen shorts or leather shorts. They are leather shorts often worn with suspenders. Yes,bavarian shots are called as lederhosen shorts or leather shorts. Lederhosen comes in different lengths and named as so. You can… Full Answer

What retailers offer fight shorts?

Fight shorts can be purchased from a range of places. Some online suppliers of fight shorts are Amazon who sell Hayabusa Competition Shiai Fight Shorts and mmawarehouse who sell MMA Fight Shorts. Sportsdirect also sell a range of discounted fight… Full Answer

What is plural of shorts?

As in the clothing? You would say, "I wore shorts to the game. I wore two different pairs of shorts to the game." So you could use pairs, if you want. But the plural of shorts would be shorts. Full Answer