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Is biltong bad for you?

No biltong is not bad for you and in fact it makes you eat less. This is pure protein that you are eating, meaning it keeps you full and keeps you away from those snack times Full Answer

What is biltong?

A biltong is a snack that originated in South Africa nearly 400 years ago. Although similar to American jerky, this type of dried meat is thicker and cured differently. It is made of various types of lean meat, mainly beef… Full Answer

Can you make lamb biltong?

Yes you can indeed, all you do is cut your lamb into the desired size strips, soak in a cup vinegar mixed with 125ml worcester sauce for about an hour , remove and let drip, the in a bowl combine… Full Answer

How many Kj in 100g low fat biltong?

Roughly 1150 kj per 100gr depending on cut of meat used. Just remember because biltong is dried it's about double the kilojoules compared to fresh beef. Good source of protein and healthy when lean and not over salted. Just eat… Full Answer

What is so cool about Namibia?

Almost everything Namibian is awesome. Among others: Extremely friendly and hospitable people Amazing wildlife and nature A chilled vibe Great summer thundershowers Many hidden places and experiences that will blow your mind The best meat, biltong and droëwors in the… Full Answer