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Is biomass easy to get?

its pretty much everywhere. anything containing carbon is biomass. dirt is biomass. poop is biomass. a tree is biomass. you are biomass. so is your dog.. so, yeah; its pretty easy to get your hands on.

What is a non- example of biomass?

All non-organic is non-biomass and thus the "not the example of biomass". For example, your tennis racket made of graphite and not the biomass, your wall is concretes and not the biomass and your glass windows is definitely made of… Full Answer

Is charcoal a fossil fuel?

No, it is a biomass. Therefore charcoal is created from biomass by a flash fire at an elevated pressure in biomass. the fire spreads through the biomass, turning it into charcoal.

Can animals create biomass?

Animals are capable of creating biomass simply by being animals. Biomass is a general term for any living ecological system. In essence, animals ARE biomass.