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What has the author K S Birdi written?

K. S. Birdi has written: 'Lipid and biopolymer monolayers at liquid interfaces' -- subject(s): Biopolymers, Lipids, Monomolecular films 'Introduction to electrical interfacial phenomena' -- subject(s): Materials, Surface energy, Interfaces (Physical sciences), Electric double layer, Electric properties, Surface chemistry 'Self-assembly monolayer… Full Answer

What is a 10 letter word that starts with letter b and ends with letter r?

backhander, backlasher, backpacker, backslider, ballplayer, bandleader, bandmaster, bankroller, bardolater, baroceptor, beautifier, bedchamber, bellflower, bellwether, bellyacher, benefactor, bilgewater, biographer, biopolymer, bioreactor, blackamoor, blackwater, blandisher, blasphemer, bobsledder, bodysurfer, bombardier, bondholder, bonesetter, bookbinder, bookkeeper, bookmarker, bookseller, bootlegger, bootlicker, brachiator, brainpower, breakwater, bricklayer, brightener… Full Answer

What rolls play in genes?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a very long nucleic acid biopolymer containing the genetic instructions used by nature in the development and functioning of all known living organisms, with the exception of RNA viruses. The DNA segments carrying a specific genetic… Full Answer

What 10 letter word starts with bi?

A lot of words. Biannually, biblically, Biblicists, bibliology, bibliopole, bibliothec, bibliotics, bibliotist, bibulously, bicapsular, bichloride, bichromate, bickerings, bicornuate, bicornuous, bicultural, bicyclists, biennially, bifacially, bifurcated, bifurcates, bigamously, bighearted, bigmouthed, bignoniads, bijouterie, bilabially, bilberries, bilestones, bilgewater, bilharzias, bilinguals, bilirubins, biliverdin, billabongs, billboards… Full Answer