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What is a blivet?

A blivet is anything which is overfull, an item of unknown purpose, a programme which has been worked on by many poorly-skilled programmers, or an electronic signal which is usually high and on, but goes low for a short period… Full Answer

Words with the letter v and b in them?

Verb and vibrant beaver benevolent bereavement bevel blivet brave bravado bravo convertible conveyable invariable invertible observe obvious revocable variable verifiable vestible viable vibe vibrate vulnerable

What are some math terms?

A Abacus in Various Number Systems Abelian group Abscissa Absolute Geometry Absolute value Absolute value of a complex number Absorbtion identity Abundant Number Acute angle Acute triangle Adams' Circle Adams' Method of Apportionment Addition Addition Formula for Sine Additive Inverse… Full Answer