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How can you access blogs?

Blogs are accessible via search engines, a direct link or even by pasting their URL (web address) in the browser. It's easy to find blogs from all across the blogosphere (the world of blogs online). You can use a search… Full Answer

What does Tumblr stand for?

More Intelligent Life: Where does the name "Tumblr" come from? The founder of Tumblr David Karp: Back when we were starting Tumblr, there was a burgeoning movement in the blogosphere towards a format called "tumblelogs" [a variation on blogs that… Full Answer

I'm in possession of some original letters written by the great netaji subhas chandra Bose Indian politician of and founder of the INA.How can I get these authenticated and valuedI'm in India?

Probably you can circulate those letters over the internet along with the evidence you have to prove that these (letters) are genuine,it might help you gain some popularity and support which you could use to force the govt. or agencies… Full Answer

What is the meaning of a blog website?

The word "blog" is short for "web-log". A blog is a personal website that usually chronicles things of interest to the author or authors. The subject of the blog might be the highlights of an event in progress, or the… Full Answer

How do blogs influence society?

They give a forum for regular people to voice their opinions that are not censored for political or business reasons. Sometimes these ideas are shared by others who were thinking the same things but never had a forum. These new… Full Answer

What is brandwidth?

Originally described by Sergio Zyman and Scott Miller in their seminal book; Brandwidth - Closing the Sale Online. Brandwidth is the integration of all the activities that form the image or style of a business in it's trading environment. The… Full Answer

What rhymes with c'mere?

smear sneer near mere sphere spear steer mir amir emir neere neare neer nir anear myr inir mear meir saire sichere skeer skir speer speir stere ameer anir nyr serere stear steere year appear clear dear fear severe career beer… Full Answer