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Why mosquito attracts blue color?

your blood is actually blue but when there is oxygen in the blood it turns red and mosquitoes drink the blue blood and when they see blue they like blue because that's the color of blood inside our body. Full Answer

Which bird have blue blood?

yes there is one bird with blue blood. if you read the story of the bird with blue blood which it is written by dawood s painter. you will see there is only one bird has blue blood, Full Answer

Why is blood blue inside of the body?

Because it's blood without oxygen disregard the above answer, if your blood had no oxygen you wouldn't be alive, blood is never blue. its totally ridiculous for anybody to say blood is blue. its always red. have you ever seen… Full Answer

Why do your vains look blue?

your veins look blue because your blood has no oxygen, when your blood is oxygenated it is red and when it is deoxygenated it is blue. veins carry blood toward the heart and are often blue while arteries carry blood… Full Answer

Do octopuses and squids have red blood?

Incorrect Answer No, instead they all have blue blood. This is because they have a certain molecule inside the blood containing copper. Most organisms have blue blood. Humans have blue blood! Answer Actually, Squids have red blood. Octopuses have blue… Full Answer

Why is does your blood appear blue?

Blood is only blue when carrying Carbone Dioxide back to the heart to be exhaled through the mouth. When your blood appears red it means it is carrying oxygen. For this reason you never bleed blue blood. Full Answer