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How much to install a bollard?

A contractor would probably charge in the range of $400 assuming he had to core out the concrete, bury the pipe and backfill. You could install a surface mounted bollard yourself with only a hammerdrill and impact wrench, although not… Full Answer

Where would you find a bollard?

Many places. A mooring bollard would be found in a harbor on a ship dock. Parking bollards are found in parking lots protecting buildings and utilities. Traffic bollards are found on islands and protecting pedestrians. Safety bollards are found throughout… Full Answer

What has the author John K Bollard written?

John K. Bollard has written: 'The Mabinogi' -- subject(s): Legends, Pictorial works 'Pronouncing dictionary of proper names' -- subject(s): Anglais (Langue), Dictionaries, English language, Prononciation, Noms, Pronunciation, Names, Dictionnaires 'Scholastic children's thesaurus' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Juvenile, English language, Juvenile Dictionaries… Full Answer