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What does mobilize the bowel mean?

Mobilizing the bowel is done when there are other surgeries that need to be done where the bowel would be in the way. The bowel is cut and is then moved around for things like a resection of the abdomen. Full Answer

What sypmtoms would cause increase bowel movements?

Symptoms do not cause increased bowel movements. Increased bowel movement is a symptom of bowel disease which usually presents with abdominal pain and diarrhoea, and this can be caused by infection like gastroenteritis which can be viral or bacterial. Inflammatory… Full Answer

Can you survive without a bowel?

Yes you can survive without most of your small bowel and all of your large bowel. Nutrients are absorbed in the small bowel but you can survive with just part of it intact. People have surgery resulting in ileostomy (where… Full Answer