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What is the best Beyblade combo you can make?

The best attack beyblade combo is face bolt:kerbecs(hell kerbecs) energy ring:fireblaze(burn fireblaze) fusion wheel:mercury brave version(mercury Anubis brave version) spin track:tornado T125(thermal pieces) performance tip:extreme flat brave version(mercury Anubis brave version) Best Defence Combo Face: Metal Face if you have… Full Answer

What is the best skill in Sonic Battle?

Input these codes into the Sonic Team building to get KO moves for Emerl. 75619Obtain "Sonic Combo" CardyU3DaObtain "Knuckles Combo" CardArmIaObtain "Shadow Combo" CardAhnVoObtain "Rouge Combo" CardalogKObtain "Amy Combo" CardtSueTObtain "E-102" Combo CardZAhanObtain "Cream Combo" CardOTrOIObtain "Tails Combo" card.EkiTaObtain "Chaos… Full Answer