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What are the properties of breccia?

Breccia is chunks of broken, angular mineral or rock fragments. They are cemented together by smaller particles of minerals binding it together. Breccia can be any color.

Where can you find breccia?

Breccia can be found near landslides, fault zones and cryptolithic explosion events. A breccia zone located near fault zones can vary drastically in size from inches to several yards.

Is breccia foliated?

Breccia is an inorganic land-derived sedimentary rock. It is clastic (fragmental), but not foliated. Breccia is composed of mostly quartz, feldspar, and clay minerals; it may contain fragments of other rocks and minerals.

When was breccia discovered?

The time in which breccia was discovered in unknown. It is known that it was used as a sculptural and architectural material in Crete as early as 1800 B.C.

What are the uses for breccia?

Breccia is a type of rock which is composed of broken fragments of minerals. It is commonly used as an aggregate and as dimension stone for decoration of walls and floors.

How hard is breccia?

There are many different types of breccia, and their hardnesses are very variable. It depends on what the combining matrix is made of , and what types of rock pieces are included.