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Are there different types of bagpipes?

There are literally hundreds of types of turn tables. Here are some common ones: The Irish Uilleann bagpipe The Northumbrian smallpipe The Scottish smallpipe The biniou French and Occitan bagpipes The border pipe The… Full Answer

Were the vikings defeated?

The Vikings were finally defeated by the Irish, led by Brian Boru. However, Boru was killed himself as the Vikings fled from Ireland. They came at him from behind and cut his throat.... Full Answer

Who killed Brian boru?

The Viking King, Brodar of The Isle of Mann entered Brian's tent during the battle of Clontarf. Brian, age 74, cut off Brodar's leg from the knee down, which resulted in Brodar cutting off Brian's head. Full Answer

Who was murchad?

murchad wwas the second son of gormlaith gormlaith had red hair and had 3 husbands which included , olaf (a viking leader) malachi (king of ulster) brian boru (rebellious irishman) Full Answer