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Province British Columbia where does the Columbia come from?

"Columbia" is the female personification of the New World, after Christopher Columbus, its generally credited discoverer. 1 It is similar in concept to Britannia, the female ( Full Answer )
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Where is British Columbia?

British Columbia is the province on the west coast of Canada, to the west of Alberta. It is also north of of the US states of Washington and Idaho.
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What is the price of British Columbia money?

BC is a province of Canada, so there's no such thing as "British Columbia money" any more than there is "New York money" or "Iowa money". At this time the Canadian dollar i ( Full Answer )
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How did Surrey British Columbia get its name?

they came from a another country --------------------------- named Britain. In Britain they are ruled from New Westminster, across the river is the county of Surrey. Surr ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a driver's license in british Columbia?

1. At age 16 you are eligible for to start the license process. This starts with a written exam at a BC Service office.. 2. If you pass the exam you get what is called a lear ( Full Answer )
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What is manufactured in British Columbia?

Forest based products such as Lumber, timber, wood pulp and paper are some of the products manufactured in BC, Canada
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Who is the prime minister of British Columbia?

The Prime Minister of British Columbia is the Prime Minister of Canada, currently Stephen Harper. The head of government in BC is the Premier of British Columbia, currently ( Full Answer )
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Where is Turtle Valley British Columbia?

Turtle Valley is a small farm community just outside of Chase BC located just behind the mountain along side the highway. It is approximately 30 to 45 minutes from downtown Ch ( Full Answer )
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Why was British Columbia named British Columbia?

British Columbia was the name given to the mainland colony, which existed separately from the colony of Vancouver Island. It had previously been known as Caledonia and had bee ( Full Answer )
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What is British Columbia?

British Columbia is a province in western Canada, the westernmostof the provinces that border the US to the south. Only the YukonTerritory (to its north) extends farther west. ( Full Answer )
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Who put the Columbia in British Columbia?

The British Empire gave the name to British Columbia, back when it was a colony of theirs. They wanted to name the colony after the Columbia river, but were afraid if they jus ( Full Answer )
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Is Vancouver part of British Columbia?

Two cities on the west coast of North America are named Vancouver. One is in the State of Washington and one is in the Province of British Columbia. Both were named after Capt ( Full Answer )
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What unusual buildings are in British Columbia?

BC has many. I've always thought Long Houses were unusual but make sense when you look at the materials they had to use. Canada Place looks neat with the big sails, so does ( Full Answer )
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What is the agriculture of British Columbia?

Livestock products is about half , 48% of BC's agriculture. Of that about 20% is Dairy and 20% Poultry and Eggs and 10% other. A little less than half of BC agriculture are ( Full Answer )
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Who is British Columbia prime minster?

Canadian provinces do not have prime ministers - they have premiers. Gordon Campbell is the premier of British Columbia.
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British Columbia has no land treaty?

Treaty 8 is technically a BC treaty even if, at the time, the Government of British Columbia itself refused to acknowledge it as such. There are also a few other minor treati ( Full Answer )
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Where can I eat baumkuchen in British Columbia?

Ploeger in Kitsilano sells packaged baumkuchen! They were even kind enough to order it in for me. Their homepage is in the related links below.
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Who is your representative in the Legislature of British Columbia?

The Queen's Representative: Lieutenant Governor of B.C. The Legislature is comprised of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia (appointed by the Governor General of Can ( Full Answer )
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Is British Columbia a province or territory?

British Columbia one of the 10 provinces (the others being Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta ( Full Answer )
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What are British Columbias tourist attractions?

The tourist attractions of British Columbia are: restored historical buildings and historical sights/views such as Fort Langley, Fort Steele, and Fort Barkerville. Nature am ( Full Answer )
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What is the economy in British Columbia like?

The economy is based on the province's great natural resources, primarily its vast forests, which cover 56 percent of its total area. Conifers from these forests are converted ( Full Answer )
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What city is the University of British Columbia In?

The University of British Columbia is in Vancouver, British Columbia. ======== Well, actually the University of British Columbia is located in the University Endowment Lands ( Full Answer )
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What is the former capital of British Columbia?

The former Capital of Beautiful British Columbia is Fort Langley the town situated west of Vancouver sitting on the mighty River Fraser. Ralph Morton
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What Provinces border British Columbia?

Alberta borders British Columbia on the east. The Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories border British Columbia to the north, though they are not provinces.
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When was British Columbia born?

British Columbia was born on 18 December, 1830. Not to be confused with his twin brother, Columbia who was born 4 years later.
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Does British Columbia finance the British Queen?

Absolutely not. Canada was a collection of of British Colonies until Confederation in 1867. Some colonies like British Columbia, remained outside the newly formed Confederat ( Full Answer )