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What are all the different types of Buddha statues?

the Most popular Buddha Statues are as follows, Shakyamuni buddha statues Medicine Buddha Statues Meditation Buddha Statues Laughing Buddha Statues Amitabha Buddha statues Blessing Buddha Statues Nirvana Buddha Statues Samantabadhra Buddha Statues Thai Buddha Statues Maitreya Buddha Statues Dhyani Buddha… Full Answer

What are the 7 lucky Buddha statues?

The seven lucky Buddha statues are said to represent many instances in life like wealth, happiness, good luck, and the like. The seven statues are money Buddha, lucky Buddha, ingot Buddha, laughing Buddha, freedom Buddha, relaxing Buddha, and wealthy Buddha. Full Answer

Did Buddha have any children?

Before Buddha became Buddha his name was Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha had a son named Rahula. Technically speaking if your teacher asks you if Buddha had children you could say no because Siddhartha had them not Buddha. Full Answer