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What is thankyou in Buddhist language?

There is no Buddhist language. Buddhist speak whatever their native language is. The language that early Buddhist texts were written in was Sanskrit and Pali. These are ancient Indian languages. So Thank you is sufficient. Full Answer

Do Buddhism have their own language?

Buddhism and Buddhists do not have an official or sacred language. Buddhist documents where originally written in Sanskrit (and ancient Indian language) and later Pali ( a more modern Indian language) but Buddhist texts have been translated to most languages… Full Answer

In what language is Buddhism written?

The Buddha Dharma was originally written in a dialect of Sanskrit, a pankrit. The main languages of the early Buddhist texts were Pali and Sanskrit. Today the Buddha Dharma has been transliterated into nearly every language. Full Answer

What is the language of Buddhism?

Although many of the original Buddhist tracts are written in Pali and Sanskrit, Buddhism does not have a language any more than Christianity has a language. Buddhists speak the language of the country that they live in. Full Answer

What language do the Buddhists speak?

Buddhism is not a language it is a way of life. There is no Buddhist language. Practicing Buddhists speak the language of the country they live in. Answer: Buddhists are not restricted by a language. You may use any language… Full Answer

What language do Buddhists write in?

There is no official language of Buddhism. Buddhists write in whatever their home language is. I write English, a Vietnamese Buddhist will write in Vietnamese. etc. Ancient Buddhist texts, though, are either in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language or Pali… Full Answer